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Born and raised in Kansas City, Sheven is a producer/musician with a sound like no one else. He combines rapid delivery with an alternative feel and clever lyrics to bring a roller coaster of emotions and a message you can learn from.  In 2016 Sheven released "Expungement", an album packed from cover to cover with self reflection and remarkable craftsmanship! He went on to release "Coexisting" in 2017 which boasted an arrangement of empowering and thought provoking tracks including "Go", "The Recipe", and "Goodbye".
Since then, Sheven released "Powerlines" featuring the Kansas City all-star, Tech N9ne. Powerlines received over 1,000,000 views on WSHH alone and introduced Sheven's well established catalog to a global audience! Catch him out on Spotify, Itunes, or any major streaming platform to see for yourself

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