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Check out our 2020 Recap!

If you haven't yet, please visit the artists, services, and about tabs to familiarize yourself with us! We will be doing several event ticket, t-shirt, and album giveaways here on the website so be sure to check into the site periodically for a chance to win!

An easy and FREE way to support our initiative would be to invite your friends to like the DB Entertainment Facebook page using the "Invite Friends" button located in the community tab! If you are feeling super supportive, you could also invite them to like the artist pages that we represent! 

Latest Releases! 

Check out the newest work from the @dbentco roster! 

Following his acoustic masterpiece, "Fall For You", Spiff settles in and delivers a 15 track album filled with flames! Packed with elaborate wordplay and unbelievable cadence, Fire is sure to set your headphones ablaze! 

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The second of 3 installments leading up to the highly anticipated album ANAXPHOBIA, the gang travels through a War Zone, featuring high energies and sinister emotions evidenced in tracks like El Camino ft. Young Matt, Ah Shit, and Scum ft. horrorcore legend Kid Crusher

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Fresh off the release of This Is How I'm Comin' ft. ANoyd, Satisfy returns to the airwaves with a 4 track EP that highlights what Satisfy is all about! Fans say Never Gonna Stop and Bring It Back may be the best tracks in Satisfy's growing catalog! 

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Mac Xavier ft Eli

Mac Xavier is back with More Than Famous! Mac perfectly captures the true emotions of an artist's struggle and Eli's beautiful hook really resonates! Check it out now!  

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Your donations will help send the DB Entertainment roster on a 20-25 city tour this fall! By donating, you will also be given admission to the show nearest you to experience the DBENTCO ROADSHOW!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 dollars to cover promotion, travel, transportation, accommodations, and other tour expenses for the team. With your help, this tour could create several new jobs within DB Entertainment including stage manager, merchandise manager, sound and lighting techs, stage crew, and more.

We look forward to delivering the "the best roadshow in Hip Hop" to a city near you this fall!

Donations are accepted through GoFundMe!

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